This site is dedicated to the people who enjoy
Motor bikes , trikes , cars , vans , trucks .
COOL ..CLASSIC ..CUSTOM or whatever !

Our intention is to create a forum where like minded
people can share experiences, technical knowledge ,
and interesting facts and possibly meet up socially..
this is not a Club or a fee paying organisation , merely
a chance to be a “WHEEL NUT” and to enjoy the aspect
of owning and driving what we regard as our pride and joy..
There is no age limit to being a Wheel Nut..old and young
can learn from each other, and in this changing world
it should be encouraged..
We hope to enlist members worldwide , with no discrimination
against creed, colour or religion , after all if you’ve got Wheels
you must be alright !!
and last ,but not least to promote the Isle of Skye
as a fun place to be , and to encourage people
with “Wheels” to visit here by extending
the hand of friendship and offering a good “Skye” welcome
So , why not cruise with us, ride with us or just park
up and enjoy the “Craic” at just the touch of a key ,
we look forward to getting to know you ..
Drive safe !!
PS... A friend is just a stranger you haven't spoken to yet !!